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“I had the opportunity to collaborate with Diana […] and can state with confidence that she is a motivated and skilled translator with a strong work ethic and a great enthusiasm. Diana worked with us on translating questionnaires, discussion guides, analytical reports and survey material for the EU. She is capable of working under pressure and shows flexibility when faced with changes in project planning. Diana is extremely well-organised, always willing to help and a very friendly person.
Working with her has always been a joy.”

Global Market Research Company

Diana is our go-to person when the Africa Division needs to translate press releases, reports and correspondence into Portuguese. I cannot think of a better translator with regards to maximum flexibility, speed and accuracy.

International NGO

Working with Diana is a pleasure, since the very first moment until the end. Her work is perfect and she always reaches the deadlines, even the tightest ones. She is a great professional and the work that she has done so far has fulfilled our standards of quality.

Localization Studio

I met Diana in Dublin when she interpreted for a Portuguese-speaking guest, addressing a Parliament committee. Since then she has done many translations for us, always with very good quality, timely and with sensitivity. Diana’s attitude has always been of great professionalism and commitment.

International NGO

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Lisbon: 38.722252, -9.139337
Madrid: 40.416775, -3.703790
London: 51.511214, -0.119824
Brussels: 50.850340, 4.351710
Berlin: 52.520007, 13.404954
Milan: 45.465454, 9.186516
Luanda: -8.838333, 13.234444
Maputo: -25.966667, 32.583333
Johannesburg: -26.204103, 28.047305
Washington: 38.907231, -77.036464
Ouagadougou: 12.364637, -1.533864
Rio de Janeiro: -22.913395, -43.200710
Sydney: -33.867487, 151.206990
Dublin: 53.349805, -6.260310