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  • Translation

    Professional translations from English, French, Spanish and Italian into European Portuguese.

  • Proofreading

    Checking your text for errors in punctuation, spelling, grammar, verb tenses, accuracy of numbers, dates, formatting, etc.

  • Editing

    Checking a translation sentence for sentence against the original document and correcting discrepancies and errors.

  • Website localisation

    Does your organisation want to reach a Portuguese-speaking audience through its website? I’ve teamed up with a great website programmer who can put up your website after I translate it.

  • Transcription

    Do you have an English or Portuguese audio or video file that you would like to have written down? I can transcribe it for you. I can also translate the transcribed text into Portuguese.

  • Business services

    Do you want to translate your company’s newsletter, a presentation or an annual report for your staff? I can take care of it.

Why me?

  1. Highly trained professional

    I’m a professionally trained linguist with an excellent command of my languages, a vast set of skills and a keen eye for detail, who will go the extra mile and become a reliable partner.
  2. Shorter decision-making process

    I know how valuable your time is. That is why I’ll make sure to reply to your enquiry with a quote and turnaround time as soon as possible, preferably within the hour.
  3. Quick to answer

    You’re welcome to call, email or message me whenever you have any doubts or last-minute changes, whichever method you prefer: Skype, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Facebook – you name it. I’m always glad to hear from you and I’ll do my best to accommodate your requests and clear up any doubts.

The word on the street

“I had the opportunity to collaborate with Diana […] and can state with confidence that she is a motivated and skilled translator with a strong work ethic and a great enthusiasm. Diana worked with us on translating questionnaires, discussion guides, analytical reports and survey material for the EU. She is capable of working under pressure and shows flexibility when faced with changes in project planning. Diana is extremely well-organised, always willing to help and a very friendly person.
Working with her has always been a joy.”

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